You can now earn with Instagram IGTV

Big news: You can now earn money on Instagram because IGTV monetization is finally here. Let me share with you an e-mail I received in the last week of May. I rarely check my-emails these days so I was a few days late to this update.

Here’s the low down on the big change on the popular social media platform:

IGTV will now have ads! Yes, you heard me right—ads. Creators will receive 55% of ad revenue. This is apparently the same rate as YouTube.

The 15-second video ads will only appear when a user clicks on the IGTV video to watch it.

Of course, just like any monetization feature, there might be a few requirements to fulfill before becoming eligible to have your content monetized. The bigger the audience, the better. 

Instagram hasn’t given out all the details yet. It’s still in the works since it is still testing how to include ads while continuing to give its users and creators the best experience it has to offer.

According to the e-mail link I received, ads from brands like IKEA, Puma and Sephora will soon appear on several user’s IGTV videos.

This is a great enhancement to Instagram because it helps to support creators and to monetize their video content. Let us expect to see more creators lean into the IGTV strategy and to create more high-quality videos and content. This is a great improvement for those who are so dedicated on creating the best content on Instagram.

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