Best and Worst Hair Oils I’ve Tried

There are so many oils out there that claim to be a head to toe miracle. But no oils are the same.

Some are not as effective and nourishing for the hair as others. I’ve tried a few oils which can be used for hair, body and face. Let’s see which ones are great and which ones are not so great.

Before anything else, I want to make it known that I have rough and tangled hair with an oily scalp and I live in a tropical country so the weather here is quite hot most of the year.

Coconut Oil

You can read it everywhere that coconut oil has so many amazing benefits for the body, including the hair. The list of recipes for a coconut oil hair mask is unlimited.

But this oil is very heavy. 

As a leave-on hair conditioner, only apply a little. Unless you want a greasy head.

Putting on too much coconut oil makes hair very oily and even drags it down. The top of you head will look flat and sleek, not in the good way. And it’s messy! Your hands, hair, clothes and everything you touch and hold get very oily.

As a hair mask, I keep the oil in my hair for a deep condition (about 10-15 minutes) and have to wash off with shampoo. After washing it off, my hair feels soft but there’s an oily feeling left behind and so I usually wash my hair twice just to get all the oil out.

Coconut Oil Mask will make hair feel soft and smooth but that’s from leftover oil. Once all the oil is gone, hair doesn’t feel that smooth and moisturized.

I’m sure that this oil can help nourish the hair and strengthen it because it is a very heavy oil but keeping it on the hair is not a good choice.

Sweet Almond Oil

This one is not as heavy as coconut oil. It has a sweet smell and is nourishing. 

I only used this one as a leave-on conditioner and it’s pleasant since it is not very heavy on the hair even though there’s the possibility of getting a grease ball look if you apply too much at the top. It’s not as messy as coconut oil either.

Although, it doesn’t make hair as smooth as I want it to be.

Shea Butter

Not necessarily an oil, but you can melt it with the heat of your hands and apply to hair to add shine. I tried this as a leave-on conditioner but it is quite heavy and sticky.

After shampooing and removing the oil from my hair, my hair felt more rough then it usually was. This was a disappointment because I read so many good reviews and watched tutorials of the benefits of shea butter on the hair. It’s not for me I guess.

Olive Oil

I used this on my hair as a deep conditioner and it works.

Fair warning: this has a strong smell that others may not be able to tolerate. I applied this all over my hair and placed a shower cap on for an hour. Afterwards, I washed off the oil with shampoo.

I got great results. My hair was so light and soft afterwards. 

Sunflower Oil

This is new to the scene as I can’t find a lot of hair masks or tutorials on this one. I specifically used the one from Human Heart Nature. It is promoted to have as many as 25 uses for the face, body, nails and hair. I used this right after stepping out of the shower. I apply exactly one pump and massage it on the tips and a bit on my scalp.

It makes my hair soft and light but there’s no dramatic change really. At least it’s not as greasy as others.

Argan Oil

This is what I am currently loving. It is a real game changer. I had used so many oils on my hair before that I basically just gave up but my dad recently bought a bottle of argan hair oil from Watsons. The brand is Naturals by Watsons.

It’s a light oil and leaves my hair so smooth, soft and light. I wouldn’t add more than a pump of this though because it does have the tendency to look greasy. This is by far the one that has helped me reach my hair goals.

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