How to Find Your Signature Scent ft. Simoy Ng Haraya

Have you always wanted to have your own signature scent? Finding a signature scent is always a great and relevant search. People associate smells with experiences and memories all the time.

"You smell great."

"You smell nice. What are you wearing?"

These words will make you gush knowing that people sense and know you smell good. 

Smelling good is associated with good hygiene. Imagine getting into an elevator with several people. Wouldn't you love being the person that everyone is glad to be standing and waiting next to? 

Smelling good makes you more attractive and enjoyable to be with. It lets people know that you take care of yourself and is a sign of respect that you do not want to spoil someone's day with B.O.

What is a signature scent? 

A signature scent is a great representation of who you are. When you wear the scent daily and often, people know it's you. 

Have you seen the movie Palm Springs? There is a part in the movie where Nyles (played by Andy Samberg) smells a distinct scent on a pillow and instantly realizes who has been laying there before because he knows that this person uses orchid-scented hair products. Boom! Signature scent! 

How do you find your signature scent?

1. Know what you like and want. 

Sweety, you can take all the "What is my Signature Scent?" quizzes you can find, but you can never know unless you actually try the scent. 

I had a problem with this one. I always thought "vanilla, vanilla, vanilla..." I was so focused on finding the perfect vanilla perfume; something not too sweet, but not too rich, I completely ignored other scent profiles or brands because they had no vanilla in them.

Make sure you do your research; read reviews, watch Youtube videos, and read blogs and articles. 

Do not stress out!

Not being able to find a signature scent is not the end of the world, but it sure feels good when you actually find the one you love.

2. Try samples before buying the full bottle.

It is a total waste of money if you buy a full bottle you have never smelled before and base your purchase on the scent description. If you head to physical stores, you could probably spend the whole day sniffing little samples. But I do not recommend this because hello...headache!

Another option if you cannot leave the house is to go online shopping and order a big old batch of perfume samples. Maybe not a ton, just enough for you to try.

When you do go out and try different bottles, take note of what the perfume is composed of to find the scents that you are most attracted to and enjoy. If there is a common component of all the ones you like, then you are one step closer to finding the one.

If you see that most of the ones you truly like have peaches in them, then peaches all the way. When you finally get used to it and are affirmative that you found the one for you, go ahead and buy the full bottle.

3. Wear and experience the scent all day.

Perfumes tend to evaporate and fade throughout the day, depending on the percentages of fragrance oil and carrier oil, and all other ingredients. Don't just spray it on your hand, take a whiff and call it a day. Spray it as if you found your signature scent and find out how it fairs for the day. Depending on your lifestyle and the activities you do, the lasting scent may not be the same from person to person.

4. Ditch the fragrance trends

Did someone say they will scream if they smell another person wearing Le Labo's Santal 33? P.S. Santal 33 is pricey but smells so good. Not from experience, but from everyone else lol.

Do not be pressured into buying Chanel No. 5 because it is...umm...well, Chanel. The concept of a signature scent is to be able to express yourself through the sense of smell. I mean, why would you wanna smell like Chanel No. 5 when you do not like the scent yourself.

5. Spray where it lasts. 

Wear your signature scent on the places that will make it last.
  • inside of your elbow
  • inside your wrist
  • behind your ear
  • behind the knee 
  • just a little spritz on your clothing
The goal is to make it last all day and get the bang for your buck. There would be no point in wearing perfume if you spray it on areas that will barely last an hour.

6. Search for the brands you want to support. 

Gone are the days when we roam the aisles of a store, pick something and go with it (except toilet paper, just grab any roll!). 

Nowadays, we are more meticulous about the ingredients, the packaging, the process, and the company. We are more careful and aware of where we put our money and what we put on our bodies. Not all brands are created the same. Find a brand that speaks to you and caters to your needs. 

Simoy ng Haraya Review

Shop their products here.

Simoy ng Haraya is a Philippine-based brand that features locally crafted and creates soy candles, reed diffusers, room sprays, body scents, and soaps. They offer a variety of perfumes, Eau de Parfums and Eau de Toilettes in their body scent category. They provide a description for each scent, which is very helpful and exciting, but if you are unsure which one to get, you may buy a Perfume Sampler Set, a set of 5ml glass bottles of the scents you get to choose.

This is what I ordered from their website because I wanted to try all the scents that I was interested in before buying full bottles. They package the orders in recyclable brown paper packaging and fillers, which is a great plus for dear Mother Earth.

Now, for the scents, here are their scent descriptions (as written on the brand website) and my first impressions of them:
Unang Halik is vanilla, sugar, musk. 

It reminds me of the vanilla cookie-scented Christmas candles we would receive from packages abroad.  It is sweet and smooth. At first sprits, you will smell like a Christmas candle, but the scent will fade into a luscious blend of earthy sweet vanilla after a while. 

Muli is fresh-cut roses. 

When I got my first sniff of this, it reminded me of something. I couldn't remember exactly what. I had to return to the website and see what was in this bottle. Roses! That's why the scent was so familiar-- I used to make rose-scented candles at home. This scent is definitely a bouquet in a bottle.

Dalisay is white musk, pink roses, citrus, and cinnamon stick. 

It has a fresh, spicy, and earthy smell which I particularly enjoy. It is not too strong or overwhelming.

Lambing is composed of citrus, red fruits, Lily of the valley, Bulrush, tea rose, cinnamon, wood, cedar, and musk. 

It is my fave among all the ones I picked in the set. This scent portfolio sounds fancy and it does smell divine. It is a softly sweet and fresh scent. 

Sulyap is marjoram, thyme, musk. 

It reminds me of men's cologne but I'll still wear it. It has a strong scent (just like for men) that fades into a cool and fresh combination.

Time to find your Signature Scent

Are you ready to find your signature scent? 

Remember to have fun doing so and choose one that makes you feel confident and happy. 

x Bella

Photo Credits: (Anastasiya Lobanovskaya)

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  1. These seem to be great scents to try or give as presents to loved ones. Thank you for sharing, Bella!

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    1. Yes, they would be perfect gifts. Thank you for your comment! x Bella