Tips and Apps to Save and Earn Money as a Student

Hi there! It's Bella, your broke full-time law student with some tips and tricks on how to save and earn money as a student.

These tips and apps can prove helpful for anyone, not just students.

Stop going to coffee shops

Do you really need to sit and study at a coffee shop and drink overpriced lattes?

No, not really.

I used to go to coffee shops and milk tea shops all the time to study. I would spend hours there reading and researching while getting odd glances from baristas and employees. I did get work done but I eventually realized that the cost of a drink adds up to a ton of money wasted on so much sugar and ice.

Instead of going to a coffee shop, find a good spot in your home to study or go to the university library. You are already paying library fees so might as well use the library and also, think about all the unlimited books you can borrow and read.

Borrow books or buy them second hand

The best way to save some money for books is to borrow or buy them from a friend (lucky you) or borrow from your university library.

Also, go online and search for students who are willing to sell or rent out their books. They may be old and already filled with highlights and notes but you are still able to read and learn from them and the big plus is you save some big money as well. 

Thrift shopping

Thrifting is an incredible and fun way to save money while staying stylish and helping the planet and small businesses.

I would say I am a passionate thrift shopper because there are so many beautiful and unique clothes you can find at thrift stores. The majority of the clothes I bought and are still in great condition come from thrift stores. There are even some designer brands you can find if you are lucky and willing to rifle through all the clothes racks in the store.

Sell Your Notes

Yes, it’s possible to earn money by selling copies of your notes. Whoever did this in the first place is a genius!

Check on Etsy stores and Instagram and you will find a bunch of student bloggers selling their notes, study cards, and reviewers. For a good price too.

If you are someone with well-organized notes and great penmanship or willing to format typewritten notes, give it a go.

Use Shopback app

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. When you decide to use my links, I will receive a commission but this will not cost you anything.

An avid online shopper? 

Shopback is a cashback rewards platform and it also has coupons, promo codes and discount vouchers, and deals for your online shopping needs.

Depending on the online store you choose to purchase from, you receive a percentage of the purchase you made for each transaction.

If you are interested to join the app, click here to register and get Php100 Cashback Bonus.

Let’s say you bought makeup from Shopee. The current cashback for purchases on Shopee is 2%. If you purchased lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes worth Php2,500 from a store in Shopee, you will receive Php50 for the transaction. 

We interrupt this broadcast for some savings...

I have a referral code for Php100 off your first order on Shopee. Use Code RISCH224

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Shopback is a really great and handy app to have on your phone to help you save a bit of money each time you go online shopping. You don’t have to pay extra fees at all.

Remember, if you want to join Shopback and get Php100 Cashback Bonus, click here.

Read and Earn with Buzzbreak

To join the app and earn 1000 points, enter the referral code B08411215 

When you’re waiting in line, sitting in your car or the bus, waiting for your next class or just chilling at home, you can go on the app and earn.

You earn points by:

  • Reading news articles
  • Watching videos
  • Answering surveys
  • Doing tasks (installing/using apps, reaching levels on games)
  • Daily log-in
  • Hourly Rewards
  • Spin the Wheel
  • Free Points (every 30 seconds)

If you want to give Buzzbreak a try (and you should) and earn free 1000 points, click here to download the app and enter this code B08411215 upon registration.

Whenever I have a few extra minutes I get on my phone and use Buzzbreak to read news and current events and get points. Once these points add up, I am able to cash out real money into Paypal or Gcash. It’s very easy but you won’t be a freaking billionaire from this app. It’s still good to have a bit of extra cash though.

I hope you got some inspiration and ideas on how to save and earn some extra cash. Times are tough nowadays because of the pandemic and new normal but I hope you keep safe and stay positive.

x Bella

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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. When you decide to use my links, I will receive a commission but this will not cost you anything.

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