It is not too late to start a blog in 2020

Have you always wanted to start a blog? 

I know I did. 

For years, I yearned to create my own blog and write amazing content that would bring readers from all over the world. But I was so insecure and scared. I had no idea how SEO or analytics worked. I was clueless on domains and hosting and I didn't have a niche. How was I going to start blogging?

Here we are now. Stuck at home because of the pandemic. I did a ton of life reflection during this time and realized if I wanted to follow my wish and start a blog, I should just do it. There was nothing stopping me except myself. I finally went out (not literally, of course) and bought a domain, and created my blog in 2020.

Is it too late if you start a blog in 2020?

Oh yeah, I hear you loud and clear and that was one of my concerns too. But I think it is never too late to start a blog and it doesn't matter what year it is.

It is never too late because blogging is still relevant. People still go online when they have a question, they seek the opinion and reviews of people on a certain product, matter, or experience. 

It takes a lot of hard work and creativity to create content and design your website but at the end of the day, if it does good by you, then keep doing what makes you happy.

Starting a blog in 2020 is different from five years ago. A lot has changed.

Bloggers have evolved into individuals who write about their latest travels and new products they’ve tried and post perfectly angled and edited photos. That’s what comes to mind when people think about being a blogger.

But blogging and being a blogger sprouted from humble beginnings — sharing your thoughts and ideas on the internet. Merely an online diary. Remember in The Social Network where Mark Zuckerberg wrote some (insert appropriate cuss word here) about his ex-girlfriend on LiveJournal? Yes, something like that.

Now, not all of us can come out a billionaire from talking poop about someone who broke up with us but I definitely believe that shouldn’t stop you from starting a blog if it is something you want to pursue. Let me tell you why it is a great idea to start a blog, no matter what year it is.

1.       You are growing your writing portfolio.

If you want to start a career with journalism, writing, and editing (online or offline), please keep in mind that companies will ask to see samples of your written work. Save yourself time by having all your beautiful essays and stories in one place on the internet. Instead of having to attach a file or several files to your application, you can just include a link to your writing portfolio (your blog) if it is allowed.

2. It’s an enjoyable hobby.

Unfortunately, not a lot of people realize how fun blogging is. Sure, bloggers can also get a case of writer’s block but when it comes down to it, blogging allows you to discuss what you want to talk about and share with the world. This brings me to the third reason.

3. Blogging keeps those imaginative and interesting ideas rolling.

It can seem like a task because you have to come up with some innovative and out of this world blog posts to get noticed as a blogger but trust me, once you’ve found your niche and topics that you love talking about and I mean REALLY love talking about like you could babble on and on about it and it would make you happy for the rest of your life, creating blog content will be a sweet walk in the park.

4. You build an online presence.

Building an online presence on social media and the world wide web is huge in today’s generation. If becoming an online influencer is a goal of yours, the more (appropriate) platforms you are on, the easier it is for people to find you (trust me, it’s nowhere near as creepy as it sounds) and get to know you and what you are all about. Thus, creating an audience for you and influence.

There you have it. The great things about blogging in four points. I encourage anyone who has ever wanted to start blogging to just do it. There is no harm in trying. One year from now, you’ll tell yourself you wish you had started now instead of waiting for another blog post talking about why it’s such a great idea to start a blog. 

Good luck and happy blogging!

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