What Ruins Your Life and Personal Growth

Nobody is perfect.

We each possess certain qualities that make us a strong individual or a weak one. Here, I am going to talk about the qualities and habits that can ruin your life.

This is not a food blog by any means but I’m going to give you this: PIES. These will ruin your life. PIES stands for procrastination, insecurities, ego, and selfishness.

When you create and bring these, even just one, into your life, it can greatly affect your work ethic, your mindset, your personality, and the way you deal with people.

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Procrastination is a big recipe for disaster. when you procrastinate, you delay or put off doing tasks and get distracted from completing a goal or getting anything done. You become the opposite of a productive person-- a procrastinator.

You will have a lot on your plate at one point in your life and the best way to get through everything is to take it day by day. A hundred things cannot be done in one night. You might be able to pull it off but the result will be sloppy.
Instead, use your time productively.
  • Make a list of daily goals.
  • Use a planner and set up reminders to keep you on track.
  • Set time for certain tasks that need to be done.

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Insecurity is a result of the comparison. It’s in our nature to compare our work, looks, and quality of life with other people. We can start feeling inadequate with what we have. When you are insecure, you victimize yourself in so many situations and rationalize that you do not get the good things in life because you are not worthy of them. This is falling prey to your own insecure thoughts and mindset.

According to Dr. Dwayne W. Dyer, in his book Pulling Your Own Strings, victims let themselves be dominated, pushed around, because they often feel they are not smart enough or strong enough to be in charge of their lives. 

We can’t remove insecurities overnight. These are thoughts and outlooks that have been embedded into us as flaws and imperfections. Our mind is always “Oh no, flaws are bad.”, “Society shows that this makes me ugly and unworthy.” or “I need to be perfect.”

But none of us know what is perfect. We can’t look at one certain person and say yes, that is the perfect face, the perfect body, the perfect life. This person embodies perfection. There is never a definite standard of beauty and that’s what’s beautiful about it. We each have a unique beauty in all of us.

So stop comparing yourself to others. Take all that energy and time you use stalking influencers and celebrities on social media and wishing you were someone else and focus it on improving the person that you really are, flaws and all.

You are good and smart enough. Believe in yourself. Stay confident and focused.

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Ego is the opinion you have about yourself. Is ego bad? By definition, no.

Ego is simply how we perceive and think of ourselves. You can think of yourself as the most charming person in the world while another sees themselves as the life of the party.

However, we can think too much of ourselves. We become obsessed with and love ourselves so much that we want to believe we are always right and always the best. This type of thinking can ruin us by breaking our focus on self-development and on connecting and creating healthy relationships with others.

We cannot be all that all the time. It’s so exhausting and toxic. People will not enjoy your company when you always want to be the center of everything and be better than everyone else.

When we continuously feed our ego, we build a pedestal for ourselves. We make sure no one destroys this pedestal and whenever someone seems to succeed us, we bring ourselves to a higher position. Sometimes, we bring people down just so we stay on top.

When you focus on bettering yourself, it never means you put other people down. Others are going through their own journeys in life. In the journey of self-love and development, stay humble and work hard.

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Selfishness will ruin your life when you are unable to share your love, generosity, and kindness with people. They do say that sharing is caring.

This pandemic we are going through has shown how selfishness harnesses such negativity. People are buying things they don’t need or hoarding all the hand sanitizer and packs of toilet paper.

For some reason, we think we are so entitled to receive that all we do is take. We no longer take into consideration the feelings and situations of others.

There should be a balance in life. When you work on yourself, you also work on relationships you have with other people, intimate or not.

Being selfish is just being lonely. All you think about is yourself, your happiness, how things affect you, how you feel, and what you want or need. People will grow tired of being with you because you do not give them respect or consideration. You do not add value to their life. You become a stress factor or an annoyance to them.

First and foremost, become a better person for yourself—for your own happiness and sanity. But remember that people around you are affected by how you act and there will be a time when you will seek their help and presence in your life.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. What would you add to this list?

x Bella

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