24 Life Lessons at 24

A lot of life lessons are learned in your 20s. The best life lessons come from moments of resistance and change, at times we least expect. In dedication to becoming a year older and hopefully wiser, I have listed the most important life lessons that I hold close to my heart.

24 Best Life Lessons 

1.       You don’t need a lot of friends to be happy.

2.       Create with the universe, not against it. You are a strong, deliberate creator.

3.       There is no need to obsess over impressing everyone.

4.       Stop comparing yourself to others because it will make you insecure.

5.       Try new things. You’ll be surprised by what you learn or enjoy.

6.       Be grateful for the people that help and support you.

7.       When no one is cheering for you, be your own cheerleader.

8.       Stay private. Stay humble. Stay low-key.

9.      Be more private in the things you do so you can focus more on yourself and not on what others are thinking, asking or saying.

10.   Take more pictures if you can and preserve those memories and happy moments.

11.   But also, remember to be in the moment. P.S. get off your phone and live.

12.   Don’t dwell on your mistakes. Reflect on what you have learned and move on.

13.   Achieving dreams will require hard work, perseverance, and commitment.

14.   The number of followers you have on social media should not define your happiness.

15.   Social media should not take over your life.

16.   Having clear skin is better than having flawless makeup. Skincare is life!

17.   Don’t keep or allow toxic people back in your life.

18.    Be kind to others. Treat them the way you want to be treated. You will never know the struggles and experiences someone is going through.

19. Healing takes time so be patient. You can't magically change overnight. This applies to a lot of things: skincare, hair care, diet, mental health, breakups, and failures.

20. Work and succeed at your own pace. You don't have to hustle every day because other people are promoting and doing it. Read #4 again, please.

21. Stop setting your expectations of others so high. If you do, you'll just be disappointed all the time. People aren't perfect so stop imagining they are.

22. Wearing sunscreen every day is very important. Again, skincare is life!

23. It's okay to be single and happy but it's also okay to be single and sad/lonely. Feel your feelings but don't lose yourself based on not having a relationship.

24. It's just the beginning. You're young, ambitious, and strong. You will make it!

The most important life lesson is to accept and welcome change in your life. Nothing is constant. Your mind is a powerful tool that needs to feed and grow with all the information and emotions it receives. With each experience and memory you make, there are always lessons learned and gained. These are the nuggets of wisdom gold that become the best life lessons you can get.

For now, enjoy life and smile.

xx Bella

Photo Credits: Marina Utrabo & Markus Spiske via Pexels.com

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