Jumpstart Your Vibe and Energy in the Middle of the Day

Do you ever spend your mornings in bed just scrolling and staring at your screen? 

You know that you have a bunch of things to do but you can't find the will or motivation to get off your back and out of your bed. You just wanna stay in bed and do nothing for a while.

Before you know it, it's almost lunchtime and you have done nothing. It hasn't been a while. It has been hours. Then, instead of choosing to get up and do something productive, you just decide that today isn't the day. You put off all the things you need to do for tomorrow.

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Oh, if only this was always the case. We can't always move things to the next day. Some
times, we are in a crunch for time and can't allow ourselves to procrastinate any longer. But we do not have the energy or the motivation to do what we need to.

Even if it is past lunchtime, you still have a couple of hours to do a few tasks. The sun hasn't set yet. It doesn't matter how you started the day, lazy and unmotivated in bed. What matters is how you choose to end the day.

Let's jumpstart that vibe!

Our vibe or energy is not linear and is at the same level 24/7. We are like our cellphones, the more activities we do, the faster our battery drains and we need to recharge. We get drained from so many factors and noise in our life. 

That is why we need to jumpstart and recharge when we can.

How do you jumpstart our vibe? You need to clear your mind and return to a blank slate. 

Perhaps, you already know what activity you need to do to accomplish this. But if you don't, check below for a list of some activities that might help. 

Take a Nap

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If you've been on your phone or computer for hours, mindlessly consuming the latest social media trends and viral videos and gossip, I think it's time to put the phone down but not before setting an alarm for 10-20 minutes.

Naps help with relaxation, reduce fatigue, increase alertness, and improve mood and performance.

Rest your eyes and take a short nap. It always helps me. It feels like you are restarting your day. When your alarm rings, get up and get to work.


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Breathwork is an amazing and effective technique to improve one's mental, physical and spiritual well-being. It helps a person relax, focus and reduce stress or anxiety.

Sometimes we need a little refresher and one of the best ways is to sit in a quiet and comfortable room or area of your home, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing patterns. Breathe in and feel the air travel to your lungs and relax, then breathe out and with it, release all the tension and negativity.

Meditation is easy and it is a beautiful process of spiritual cleansing and healing for the wounded and worried soul. When you are having a bad day and need the energy and motivation to start or get back to work, take a few minutes dedicated to meditation and relaxation.

Start planning

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Planning isn't just an effective organizational tool. It is a fun and relaxing way of organizing your daily and weekly activities, making life easier and manageable. Using a planner holds so many benefits for a person.

Oftentimes, we do not want to start working and prefer to scroll on every social media site because we have no idea where or how to start work. That is why planning is so important.

You may be asking how planning can jumpstart your vibe and energy. When you plan and set out each step of your work project, you are not going in blindly. You become prepared. That feeling of preparedness and knowing what to do eases confusion and lessens anxiety.

Your planning does not have to be extensive. If you haven't used a planner before, then create a simple list of the tasks you need to complete. 

Organize/clean and shower

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You probably do not have the motivation to do any work because you are surrounded by so much clutter. If this is the case, take a few minutes to clean and organize your desk or room. This might take more than a few minutes in reality but there is nothing wrong with cleaning up and creating a relaxing environment.

Do not stop at cleaning your room. When was the last time you showered and washed your hair? Personal hygiene is important to make us feel good as well. When we are clean and our surroundings are clean and organized, we feel ready to start on our work and get things done.


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We need a few positive reminders of how strong, confident, and capable we are. When life throws challenges your way, it is impossible to not feel overwhelmed and helpless at times. Affirmations are great tools to keep us aligned and reprogram our thoughts into positive perspectives. 

A great daily practice to do is to begin your day by looking in the mirror and repeating an affirmation to yourself. It is not enough that you say it. You have to repeat it and believe it. This practice is also great and effective in the middle of the day to jumpstart your vibe and get yourself motivated to do work.

Have a change of scenery

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During this pandemic, a lot of us have been stuck at home. While it is for our health and safety, we cannot deny that we can become bored or depressed within the four walls of our home. 

Our habits and activities are limited and have become predictable. Our lack of motivation may stem from our lack of connection and creativity during this difficult time. Perhaps we have become too familiar and comfortable with our study or workspace and can no longer find the energy or motivation to work.

If possible, you can go outside and do your work in a beautiful park or a coffee shop. You can even just find a new spot in your house to do your work or study. 

If doing work on your desk is daunting, try sitting by a window this time. Maybe you can rearrange the furniture and redecorate the room. A change of scenery can truly help you find inspiration to start and finish the work you have.

x Bella

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