How to Enjoy Life

It is important to enjoy life and make the most of it.

I think I lived most of my life so far wanting so much and thinking that things would give me true happiness. Sadly, even when I had everything a person needed to live comfortably, I continued to seek and demand more. I stopped enjoying life because I thought more things could give me happiness. That is not the case.

To truly enjoy life, one must focus and become aware of life itself. Here are a few ways to enjoy your life.


Seek companionship with people that add value to your life and help you in your journey of personal growth. Say no to toxic or manipulative people because they will suck the life out of you and make you unhappy. You won’t be able to be yourself or enjoy life with these people.

Being friends with someone for wealth, fame, or cool kid status is not a healthy friendship if you can’t be who you are with that person. It will be like a friendship walking on eggshells.

Be with people that uplift you, share your goals, make you laugh, get your jokes and give you the understanding, support, and love you deserve.


Make memories when you are in the moment and take pictures to preserve these memories. For every important and happy event, take a picture or a video to document and preserve that moment in your life.

One day, you will see those pictures and watch that video and see what a long way you’ve come. That was a part of you and helped in the making of who you are now. Memories are wonderful things that we must look back on every now and then.


This may go against my previous tip of documenting life but not everything must be recorded or taken on film. It is truly amazing when you just sit still and become aware of where you are in life. This is your life and just being alive and going through any journey is a gift in itself.


Be it with your words, thoughts, or actions, doing good to others is good to you as well. Be a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on when someone needs it. Give support and love to those who are in need.

More importantly, be kind and generous to yourself. If you have so much love for the people around you, give love to yourself as well. Look in the mirror and uplift your own self with kind words and lots of self-care.


Just as you live in the moment, look around you and see what and who you have in your life. Thank the universe that you have your family and friends, your job, your opportunities, and your life. Everything around you is a great part of you. 


Comparison is the greatest lead to insecurity. Stop picking at yourself thinking you are too big here or too small there. You are who you are and that is wonderful.

Don’t use time and energy on comparing yourself to another person. Instead, use the time and energy to improve yourself and your being every single day.



It’s absolutely alright to hit pause every now and then. We all need vacations to relax and reboot our minds and bodies. Whether you go on a weekend getaway to some luxurious destination or stay home to get a great nap, you are giving your body and your mind what it needs.


Life can get boring, right?

Doing the same activities every single day makes you restless and bored. You need to nourish your mind and challenge yourself sometimes. Go beyond what you already know and advance your skills and mindset.

Grab a book, enroll in a course, take up a new hobby, go back to school—learn something new. The process of learning is always an adventure and it’s a great way to try new things and challenge yourself.

Do it. Enjoy Life

Are you ready to enjoy your life and live a happy and healthy existence? Enjoy every step of your journey because it is yours and it is wonderful. 

Thank you for reading and sharing it with friends and family that want to know how to enjoy life as well.

xx Bella

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