We Need to Stop Idolizing Celebrities

We all have to stop idolizing celebrities and influencers. There are several reasons why.

With social media, celebrities can showcase their lives and we get hooked into all of it—how they dress, where they shop, what products they use, what they eat, how they decorate their home, what they do every minute of waking day.

We become obsessed with the celebrity lifestyle and strive to live the way they do because it all looks fabulous. It’s Hollywood so of course it does!

No one needs to get a reality TV deal anymore because almost majority of celebrities and actually, anybody, can create their own “this is my life” show via Youtube, Facebook Live, or Instagram/Snapchat stories.

These are the reasons we need to stop putting these celebrities and influencers on a pedestal.

WE COMPARE OURSELVES TO THEM. This leads to insecurities and unrealistic standards of beauty and success.

WE LOSE FOCUS ON OUR OWN PERSONAL GROWTH. When we idolize the life and person of another, we lose who we are because we’re too focused on looking, acting, and living like someone else.  

Time and energy is given to those who don’t need it. Out of a million people, celebrities won’t really remember you and for your praise, all you will get is a mere “Thank you. I love you all.” Very generic and sometimes, insincere.

Spend more time with family and friends instead. These are the people who actually matter and are present in your life.

WE SECOND GUESS OURSELVES. Again, we lose track of who we are. Celebrities and influencers have such a great impact that even when we love a product or experience, we think we have to get rid of it because a certain celeb or influencer does not use or recommend it.

NEGATIVE INFLUENCE. Celebrities are just human. They are not perfect and can also make mistakes and go through stress and problems. They have their bad habits and traits. They can be disrespectful, violent, or reckless. The problem here is that they are always in the public eye. They choose to share it on social media without regard to the young members of society or their photo or video could get leaked.

WE GET SUCKED IN AND CONTRIBUTE TO CONSUMERISM. According to handy-dandy Wikipedia, Consumerism is a social and economic order that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts.

Simply put, it is the obsession with buying more products. People are buying all these clothes, food, makeup, skincare, cars, and houses and getting treatments and surgeries to start living and looking like their favorite celebrities. They don’t even really need these things.

They have no idea if it’s safe, effective, or practical but they don’t care just as long as their celebrity idol told them “it’s the greatest thing ever. I’m obsessed!"

NO REAL AND VALUABLE RELATIONSHIP. To you and me, celebrities are strangers who live a public life and make a living by entertaining audiences of a million. They cannot remember every single fan they have. It’s impossible to create a relationship with them that can benefit you as a non-celeb.

ALL STAGED. The funny thing is, many celebrities and influencers fake having a glamorous life because they know it’s what people want to see. It gets them more followers and supporters. There isn’t any authenticity to what they actually post.

These celebrities and influencers are also people. They go through life just like the rest of us, except with more money and a bigger audience lol.

The life and everything that they show us are what they want us to see and believe. We have to refrain from thinking that having their lifestyle is the only way to feel fulfilled and be successful in life.

The best thing to take away from these people is their drive and work ethic. There are two scenarios:

  • Celebrity A is hard working, respectful, and considerate of others. He uses his platform for a good cause and spreads a positive message.
  • Celebrity B buys luxury brands he can’t afford to look rich, acts entitled everywhere, disrespects others, only looks good for the gram, and promotes crap products just to get paid by companies.

Whether they really are hardworking and deserving of their success or merely portraying the life they know people want to see, there’s still hard work involved.

The energy and time used to fake a life are not put to good use. But by working hard and staying focused on goals and being your true self is the most admirable and rewarding.

xx Bella

Photo Credits: Commons.wikimedia.org and Pexels.com

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