What is Alignment & Manifestation?

Alignment is positive thinking. It is seeing the good in the bad and believing the truth over the lies. It is being YOU and your entire being; your mind, heart, and soul, clear, in line, and one with the universe so that you are able to create and bring into your life what you truly desire.

When you become aligned with the universe, you will feel empowered and peaceful with everything in your life. When you manifest your true desires, just in your mind, and you act upon this desire, the universe will listen and help you turn that dream of yours into a reality.

We hear this a lot…

Good vibes only.

Stay positive.

When you think positively, good things happen.

Look on the bright side.

We thought these were just cute quotes to hang on our walls or stamp on our throw pillows and make us happy. These are mantras and affirmations that can help us remain aligned and in connection with everything around us.

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What is alignment? Simply put, it is positive thinking.

How do you become aligned? One becomes aligned when they choose to see and focus on the positive side of things instead of the bad. It’s not to say that negative things don’t happen (I’m writing this in the middle of a pandemic for goodness sake), but rather, an aligned person focuses their energy and chooses to see the good effects of a situation.

He did not ask you out on a second date? He was not meant for you. In the long run, he probably would not have added anything positive or valuable to your life.

You did not get that promotion? Better things are coming or you know, deep down, that you desire something else.

People are hoarding everything in the pandemic?  Good! They plan to stock up and stay home so they can help in flattening the curve.

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How do you remain aligned? You remain aligned by being mindful of your thoughts. When any situation arises, focus on something positive.

Accept what the universe offers you, good or bad because you are aligned with it. We create with the universe, not against it. Being aligned makes us feel clear and happy with who we are and how we live. We are at peace with ourselves and our environment.

What is manifestation? Manifestation is when we create what we want and need using our thoughts. How amazing is that!

How do we manifest desires? When you focus your mind on a particular desire, you don’t just think about the object. You think about how you’d feel if it was already in your life and how you will readily accept it.

This is where it gets very cool. By realizing and accepting your desire, the universe hears your desire and will create it with you. At the perfect time, you will receive your desire.

Manifestation doesn’t happen in one day. We all desire differently and must be patient.

How can I create anything just by thinking about it? When you manifest, you do not just desire mentally, but you have to act upon that desire.

Your thoughts are so powerful that it affects everything within and around you. Manifesting something begins with minds and inspires and motivates your actions, even when you are no longer focused on the exact desire. Because you have realized, created, and felt it within you, you are acting upon that desire.

You cannot create something with the universe if you just dream without doing anything.

xx Bella

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