Habits of a Confident Person

Habits are not made overnight but it will help to know what habits to incorporate and do. If you are on a journey to becoming a better and more confident version of yourself, then this post and this blog is definitely for you.

Have a plan and goals.
Being organized and tidy gives you enough time to work on the things you need to get done and give you free time for yourself. You are more comfortable and confident in yourself if your life is balanced and you know that you have completed the necessary things in life or school. 
Being goal-oriented allows you to make decisions that are best for you because you know the end goal, you stay on the path and become more confident in what you want and need in life.

Good posture. 
The way a person stands and sits tells a lot about them. We've always been told by our parents and even teachers to stand straight, chin up and chest out because 1. It looks better and 2. We look and feel like a more confident person. Be aware of your back and shoulders when you stand or sit. These days, we are in front of the computer for so many hours each day, that our backs give in and we hunch over. Better correct this while you still can. Do some yoga and stretching exercises or visit your doctor or chiropractor to help you.

Take action. A confident person is not all talk, no play. When you say you can and will do something, you better stay true to your word and do it. A person who just talks and brags about their resume but doesn't show any work or results looks like a liar and complete idiot at the end of the day. If you are truly confident in your skills and abilities, there isn't even any need to talk about it. Just do your best and show them what you can do.

Speak confidently. When a person opens their mouth and speaks, that's when you can determine what kind of person they are-- if they are intellectual, funny, serious or confident in themselves. Whether it is talking to friends or giving a speech, remember to articulate well, speak clearly and at a moderate and proper speed and volume (don't shout when not needed) and refrain from using filter words like "ummm" or "like". It also helps if you read a lot to widen and improve your vocabulary.

Know how to listen. Confident people also know when to be still and listen to others in a conversation or when someone else is giving their input or opinion on things. A confident person is willing to learn and is open to healthy discussion and conversations. Do not be afraid that people think your silence is weakness because you know it is not. When you have to listen, lend a ear. You don't have to be outgoing, energetic and babbling 24/7 to be a confident person.

Take care of themselves. A person who is put together and looks clean and happy will have more people persuaded that he or she is a confident person. Taking care of yourself physically means exercise, eat well, commit to a skincare and haircare routine, dress well and choose clothes and colors that are fit for your body type and take care of your smile a.k.a. have a good oral care routine and floss daily. There are so many things you can do to take care of yourself and show the image of confidence.

Don't forget you also have to care for yourself mentally, spiritually and intellectually. Read books, journal, go on mini vacations or staycations, do and enjoy your hobbies, hang out with your family and friends (people that make you feel good), and rest when needed.

Remember, it is not about looking or being perfect but it about caring for the body, heart and mind.

Support and celebrate others. When you are confident, the need or desire to put other people beneath you or belittle them is not in your cards. You celebrate other's success and you support and help them when you can. This shows a true heart of confidence and kindness.

I hope this helped. Good luck on your journey.

x Bella

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