10 Ways to Remain in Positive Energy

When you seek self-improvement and personal growth, having a positive mindset will bring you miles in your journey. Your thoughts influence and guide your actions which will yield results. A positive mindset will lead you to success, confidence, and happiness while a negative one will bring you doubt, fear, and failure.

That is why it is important to protect and nurture your positive energy. When you create and find a space and mindset where you feel confident, safe, and happy, by all means, keep the beautiful energy thriving. 

With the many noise and distractions brought about by modern age technology and whatever crisis is going on in the world, thoughts will be clouded by some negative and toxic energy but it is up to you to maintain or return to the positive side.

Steer clear of toxicity

No brainer with this one. More often than always, you are not the source of negativity in your life but it is the people who surround you such as people who give you constant judgment, and shame and feed you with negative thoughts.

Be kind

An act or words of kindness will cost you nothing. When you do something with kindness, you feel happier and you make someone's day. You will never know what another person is going through, so it is important to show kindness to people and not expect anything in return.

When you are kind, you create positive energy in the space and bring it with you wherever you go. You become a beacon of positivity for yourself and for others.

Set your boundaries

Boundaries are important.

Say it again for the ones in the back. Boundaries are important! 

When you create and communicate your boundaries to people you meet, you let them know that you respect yourself and that you have limits. 

Once you identify and set your boundaries, make sure to uphold them. There is no point in setting boundaries if you allow people to cross them time and time again.

Learn to say No

Two letters hold so much power. When you say no, you give yourself the power. You protect yourself from unwarranted and unnecessary stress or anxiety. 


Meditation is a beautiful process of spiritual cleansing and healing for the wounded and worried soul. When your energy is off or you are having a bad day, take a few minutes to meditate and relax so that you may return and remain in that positive energy.

Mindset is everything - Negativity is a choice

Acknowledge when a bad or negative situation occurs because you have no control over everything but you have control over your reaction or feelings towards the situation. Choose the bright side.

Despite the fear and doubt that comes with a situation, bring your focus on things that you have control over-- how can you set things right, how can you move on and heal, and how do you learn from your mistakes.

Never be afraid to admit you are wrong. What matters is that you are able to move beyond that fault and fear. You do not let your wrongdoings and mistakes define you.

Accept and Forgive

Nothing is perfect. Accept it and ask or give forgiveness where necessary and move on.

Have Some Alone Time- Focus and Control your Energy

Spend a few minutes with you and the silence. 

Don't go on your phone or listen to music. Just be with yourself. 

You will learn to love your own company. Your energy is the only energy you have control over and you must learn how to nurture it when you are by yourself. Every thought, action, and word you release into the universe is a part of your amazing energy.

Positive Affirmations

Repeat affirmations that make you happy and help you radiate positive energy. Some fun exercises you can do are to write down an inspiring quote after waking up or before heading to bed or repeat that affirmation to yourself in the mirror before you take on the day.

Be still and let go

None of us have control over anything. Stop trying to take control of a difficult situation. Stop forcing people to accept your views and beliefs. Be still and let go of petty judgments and silly arguments. 

x Bella

Photo Credits: Liza Summer from Pexels

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