How to Create a Monthly Reset Plan to Achieve Your Monthly Goals + Monthly Reset Checklist

You should create and start implementing a monthly reset routine if you want to start the month right. Having a monthly reset plan is essential to an organized and productive month and it has many benefits.

  • What is a monthly reset?
  • Why should you create a monthly reset plan?
  • When should you do your monthly reset routine?
  • How to reset your month
  • How to Achieve Your Monthly Goals
  • Monthly Reset Checklist

What is a monthly reset?

A monthly reset does not have an exact definition. Ideally, it is a routine of planning tasks and activities that will help you prepare for the upcoming month to achieve your monthly goals and deadlines and to make your life more efficient and organized.

Why should you create a monthly reset plan?

Having a monthly reset routine will benefit you in the long run. The beauty of having such a routine is that it is a personal endeavor so you can include any task or activity that will make your life easier. There are no set rules for an effective monthly reset plan.
  • Helps develop and maintain positive habits
  • Starts the month organized
  • Goals are clear and set for the month
  • Keeps life on track
  • Boosts productivity
  • Be more prepared for the month
  • Stay on budget

When should you do your monthly reset routine?

It is best to do this routine a week before the upcoming month or at least the weekend before the new month arrives.

How to reset your month

In order to create a monthly reset plan, there are 8 helpful tasks that you should include in your routine.

1 Set your Intention and Goals for the Month

Your intention for the month should be something you truly want to achieve within the next 30 days. Pick one area of your life you want to really improve or succeed in. Let's say your career or fitness journey. It can be the beginning of a new project or business or a fitness goal. Creating a vision board can also help you manifest and achieve your goals.

2 Create a Budget

This may be in line with your monthly intention or goals but if it is not, setting a monthly budget is still important. Stay within a budget and set an emergency fund while putting the rest into savings. Being financially savvy and independent is always a good idea.

3 Declutter and Clean

Start the month on a good path by doing your monthly chores. You should be cleaning your room or house, your devices, and online storage.
  • Complete your list of monthly chores
  • Clean out and delete old e-mails and spam folders
  • Organize computer files
  • Delete unnecessary files on your computer and cellphone

4 Brain Dump

When you are done setting your goals, budgeting, and decluttering, your head will be in a much clearer and more organized mindset. Now is the best time to do a little brain dump and list down all your great fresh ideas for business, work, school, and life.
Write down everything and anything. It doesn't have to look pretty. Great ideas usually come spontaneously so don't fear not being perfect. You will be surprised by what comes to you in the moment.

5 Plan Your Month

Grab your planner or online calendar and write down your goals for the month, important deadlines you have to meet, weekly tasks, events, and birthdays. When all those are set, it is time to include smaller tasks and goals.

6 Start a monthly tradition

If it is your cup of tea, start a little monthly tradition. It should be something you will enjoy and look forward to. It can be small and simple. As long as it makes you smile and happy, it will be a great addition to your month.
You can have brunch with friends, do a movie night, spa day, hiking trip, picnic, or go on a weekend getaway. All up to you.

7 Go shopping and stock up on essentials

Do an inventory of all your essential favorites in your bathroom, kitchen, and supply closet. See what you need to add to the shopping list so that the rest of the month goes smoothly and you don't need to do an emergency shopping trip because you ran out of paper towels or shampoo.
If your budget allows it, buying a new outfit is also a great idea to freshen up and update your wardrobe.

8 Reflect on the month through journaling

It is important to reflect and practice gratitude as the month begins. Allow yourself some quiet time to reflect on the month and remember all the milestones you achieved and all the highs and lows that came with it.
List down some goals that weren't met that month but that you are ready to continue in the upcoming month.
Do some gratitude journaling. Be honest in your reflection then write down all the things you are grateful for at the closing of the month and as you welcome a new month.

How to Achieve Your Monthly Goals

1 List your main goals for the month

When you set down your goals for the month, pick 3-4 big ones that are the top priority. These are the goals that you really want to achieve by the end of the month.

2 Create smaller steps or goals to reach the main goals

For each main goal, create a map that includes steps that will help you achieve the main goal. Make everything organized and plan it out. Be realistic with your tasks and timeline. Do some research if you need to.

3 Include the small goals in your monthly plan

With each week, give time to complete each small goal that will help you achieve the main one.

4 Set reminders

Get on your calendar and set reminders about the tasks you need to complete during the week. If you feel like it can help, create a countdown of the days before the end of the month when you should achieve your main goal.

Monthly Reset Checklist

Now that you know how to create a monthly reset plan, you will be able to start the month on an amazing note and achieve your goals for the month more efficiently. Happy planning!

x Bella

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