26 Life Lessons at 26

We all have life lessons to share as we get older. It is a beautiful realization that as we get older and experience life for what it is, we carry these big and small lessons learned in life. They influence us to become the people we are now.

It is almost unbelievable that it has been a year and I am finally in my late 20's. This post is almost a month late but nevertheless, this has become my little tradition on my little space on the internet and I hope to keep it going. Some important life lessons are repetitions from previous birthdays but I guess that just shows how some things are so valuable.

The Best Life Lessons

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1 Do not get in a relationship when you are lonely. 

Loneliness just wants misery. Focus on yourself and your well-being before making a commitment.

2 Do not fall in love with someone just because they give you attention.

A lot of people can give you attention but only special people can give you the respect, love, and support you truly deserve and are willing to stick by your side. These are the people you need in your life. 

3 Be more grateful, even for the little things. 

Always give appreciation and make it known to the people in your life. Keep a gratitude journal and make a positive habit of it. Shop the gratitude journal here

4 Consistency is the key to clear skin. 

Don't give up so easily because you think it isn't working. Skincare is not an overnight miracle. Have patience and be consistent.

5 Be humble. Be private. Be lowkey. 

With all the lessons learned in life, this is noteworthy. Being a humble person brings a lot of opportunities for self-growth and personal development. It makes you value action and results, rather than just words and bragging. 

6 You do not need a partner to be happy. 

Find happiness within yourself and even in the silence, when you are by yourself, you will be satisfied and content with life.

7 Set your boundaries and stick to them. 

You know who you are, what you value, and what you want. Do not allow other people to destroy your peace.

8 Cut people off if they don't respect you or your boundaries.

We are getting too old for toxicity and disrespect. You have to protect your peace and mental health from people who bring you fear and anxiety.

9 Healing is not linear. 

It takes time. This is the biggest life lesson any person should carry because we all hurt, one way or another, and choosing healing and peace is the first step.

10 Do everything in your power to make your dream life a reality.

One of the best life lessons on the list. We cannot live in fear and uncertainty because we are taking away opportunities from ourselves and not allowing ourselves to grow and fulfill our dreams. 

11 Real hard work pays off.

When you want something, you have to put in the work. Don't expect overnight success when you haven't even lifted a finger.

12 Confidence is important to enhance any outfit. 

You are a powerful and beautiful being. Be confident in the way you speak, walk, sit, and exist.

13 Silk/satin scrunchies are the best for hair.

They are so pretty and great for hair health. Say goodbye to annoying hair kinks and damage. Shop silk scrunchies set on Amazon or check out satin silk scrunchies on Shopee.

14 Great hair makes a great day.

Another important life lesson regarding beauty is that, aside from confidence, great hair can really uplift your mood and outfit for the day. I've always struggled with having healthy and soft hair so I'm staying diligent with a haircare routine to help transform my hair.

15 Journaling is cool.

Journaling is amazing and holds so many benefits for the mind and soul. Writing down your thoughts helps improve your writing skills, mood, and productivity and helps track your growth and progress in life.

16 Never give in to pressure.

When people are pressuring or guilting you into doing something you are not comfortable with, that is your sign that this person may not respect you or your boundaries. Do not put up with such behavior and leave when you need to.

17 Never beg for someone to stay if they've made the decision to leave.

Somebody's decision to leave is out of your control. When you know that you have done your best in a relationship and given your all but they still decide to leave, hold the door open for them. Then, thank the universe for whatever important life lessons they gave to you and move on.

18 Choose kind words.

When you talk to anyone and yourself, speak with kindness and love. Everyone is going through a silent battle of some sort.

19 Simple skincare works.

There is no need for a ten-step skincare routine or layering on seven types of moisturizers and toners to get clear skin. Curate a simple and effective routine for your skin type and skin concerns. Trends don't work on everyone.

20 Still, sunscreen every day.

Will this ever be not part of the best life lessons out there? Probably not.
Sunscreen is the holy grail of skincare and you cannot convince me otherwise.

21 Believe in yourself.

You are always your No. 1 cheerleader!

22 Do not fear failure. 

Learn from it. Some lessons learned in life are realized through failure because failing leaves a big mark on us. Always choose to stand back up and keep going towards success.

23 Embrace your femininity. 

As a woman, this is important to me and hopefully, more women realize it too. With all the lessons learned in life, embracing femininity makes you realize that you hold a strong, creative, warm, and nurturing power. Being feminine is not weak, it is the greatest strength a woman holds.

24 Practice inner and outer beauty. 

Just as you focus on your physical beauty through makeup and skincare, it is important to give time to feed the mind and soul. Read books, learn a new hobby, journal, get active, meditate and do activities that make you feel good.

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25 Be smart with money.

Make smart decisions about where you put your money. Live within your means and invest well. Read books and blogs and study how to become financially savvy and independent.

26 You do not need children to feel complete.

This is controversial but it is true. Choosing not to have children will not prevent you from living a happy and fulfilling life. You choose what kind of life you live and where you put your energy and focus- travel, career, relationships. It is all up to you.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. When you choose to buy with my link, I will receive a small commission but this will be at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support.

Some Final Thoughts

These are the important life lessons I have gathered this year but there are more to come. As each day passes, we create new memories and have new experiences. Embrace the change as they come and cherish each memory and life lesson that comes with it.

x Bella

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