The Ultimate Guide: How to be Mysterious and Attractive

Be private. Be humble. Be lowkey.

This is the Ultimate Guide on How To Be More Mysterious and Attractive. If you want to know how to act, look, be mysterious and be more attractive, start here.

  • Why do mysterious people seem more attractive?
  • Benefits of being mysterious
  • How to be mysterious and interesting
  • How to be mysterious in public
  • How to dress/look mysteriously
  • How to be mysterious on social media

Why do mysterious people seem more attractive?

Humans are naturally curious creatures. When you meet someone mysterious and you don't know a lot about that person, you get the desire to learn more about them and understand them. 

Almost everyone is posting every detail of their life on social media so it is a breath of fresh air when someone isn’t active or open on social media. You see mysterious people as unique and cool.

Mysterious people are unpredictable and exciting. They do not converse much or reveal too many things about themselves but they can surprise you when you get the opportunity to talk to them and find out about their interests, passions, and personal life. They are like a puzzle people want to figure out.

The attraction toward a person who is mysterious comes from curiosity and the appeal to know them more.

Benefits of Being Mysterious

  • You attract people
  • You seem more interesting
  • Your presence is strong
  • Your silence is strong and has power on its own
  • You have privacy
  • You are able to maintain your boundaries
  • You get quality friends. You don’t give your energy to everyone but only a select few.
  • You learn to enjoy your own company

How to be mysterious and interesting

  • How to be mysterious
  • How to be mysterious in public
  • How to dress/look mysterious
  • How to be mysterious on social media

How to be mysterious

1 Have confidence

In what you do and say, be confident in it. However, do not be cocky and annoying. Confidence is always an attractive trait to have so this should be the first step to becoming mysterious and interesting.

2 Be calm and have control over your emotions

A person who is calm and doesn't cause a scene or make a big deal out of minor inconveniences always has the upper hand and this person oozes mystery. When you have a good hold over your emotions and can remain calm in the face of adversity, you show an attractive trait that a lot of mysterious people have. 

3 Do things slowly

Walk and talk slowly. Act like you have all the time in the world. In order to achieve this, you have to learn to be organized and stay on schedule so you aren't always rushing and panicking about different things. Doing things slowly also helps make well-thought-out actions and avoid mistakes.

4 Listen more than you speak. 

Your silence is already power. Instead of bragging and talking everyone's ear off, practice being an engaging and interesting conversationalist. The first step to doing this is by knowing how to listen so that you know how to properly react and respond to someone you are having a conversation with.

5 Observe more

Avoid the spotlight and stay on the sidelines. Be observant and watch. Not in a creepy way, of course. Just be more aware of your surroundings and the people around you.

6 Stay unbothered 

A mysterious person has good control over his emotions. This remains the case when things do not go their way. If you are insulted, be calm and reply with a simple "okay" or just smile/smirk at them.

7 Practice your poker face

As if you are playing poker, wear a mask of mystery. Just as you have control over your emotions, do not reveal your emotions through facial expressions. Practice having a neutral expression.

8 Have a mysterious smile

A smile is a mysterious person's greatest weapon. When you smile, do not show your teeth but try and smile with your eyes as well. A simple smirk will do. Your smile must be puzzling, curious, or enigmatic. People won't be able to figure out what you are thinking or feeling even through your smile.

9 Keep your personal life secret

Mystery comes with privacy. Do not reveal too many personal details about yourself. You can take a step further and stay off social media. That way no one has access to what you are up to.

10 Don't talk about yourself

As earlier stated, do not reveal too much about your personal life. When you start a conversation with someone, especially if you just met, introduce yourself and maybe what you do but then steer clear from any topic about yourself. Keep your personal life secret. 

11 Divert the conversation to the other person if they start asking about you

If someone keeps asking about you, give them a simple general answer then ask about them. Keep the conversation away from you and talk about other topics such as the other person, current events, or even the weather. The less they know, the more mysterious you are.

12 Don’t vent/complain.

Be calm. When a problem occurs, venting or complaining will not solve it. Start finding an attainable solution. Mysterious people reveal do not reveal a lot about themselves, especially the negative side of things.

If you need to vent, do it with someone you truly trust.

13 Have an interesting hobby.

People may be surprised you are interested or taking up certain hobbies and this will make them more interested to get to know you. Start a new hobby or passion. It can be something totally out of your comfort zone or one that you have always been curious and interested in.

14 Don’t be readily available.

Stay busy with your own goals and priorities. Do not drop everything you are doing when someone invites you out. However, this does not mean that you should start blowing people off. When a friend reaches out to schedule a get-together, see if you have time in your schedule and let them know. 

15 Be unpredictable in what you say or do

Something that will make you seem more mysterious is when people find out something unexpected about you. Give them a puzzle piece but not the entire thing.

16 Be exclusive

Choose wisely when it comes to who you trust and befriend. Keep your circle of friends small. You have a VIP Program and not everyone is allowed access to you. This will make you more mysterious and attractive.

17 Use correct body language

Depending on the situation or event, it is best to dress and act appropriately. Do not attract too much attention to yourself.

How to be mysterious in public 

1 Stay off your phone

When you go out in public, all you see are people on their phones. To be a mysterious person, stay off your phone if you don't really need to be on it. Instead, you can read a book, have an actual conversation with whoever you are with, eat and enjoy your meal, or just quietly observe and watch your surroundings.

2 Don’t fidget

Fidgeting consists of small actions through nervousness or impatience. This is showing someone is uneasy or uncomfortable. As a mysterious person, you must be confident and comfortable in the way you act and present yourself.

3 Be polite

Have basic manners and be polite to people. Someone who shows and acts frustrated and irritated comes out as unattractive and undesirable. A mysterious person has good control over their emotions and also stays calm, even when things do not go their way.

4 Be funny/witty

When interacting with people, be interactive and give a good conversation. Have a pleasant personality and don't be a boring talker. You can crack a joke every now and then.

5 Avoid drama and Don't gossip

Don't insert yourself into a discussion or drama you were never a part of. This seems attention-seeking and desperate. These are not traits of a mysterious and attractive person.

6 Don’t be shy to ask for help or inquire

Be confident in asking for assistance. There is no shame in needing help when you truly need it. 

7 Don't be afraid to make eye contact

A mysterious person is always sure and confident. Focusing on eye contact when you are having a long conversation or simply asking for directions makes you and your words more memorable. It is a sign of strength and confidence. Looking down or looking around makes you look nervous and unsure of yourself.

8 Don’t look bored

Just as you shouldn't show your anger, frustration, or uneasiness in public, refrain from looking and acting bored. It is considered rude to whoever you are with or to whoever is hosting the event and it is unattractive to look at. If you do not want to be somewhere, leave and go somewhere else you can enjoy yourself.

9 Spend time by yourself

Do not be afraid to go out and shop or dine alone. Don't let it show through your uneasiness either. When you are happy and confident in yourself, being by yourself and doing things you want to is not a problem. 

No one wants to join you for brunch? There's a sale at your favorite store but all your friends are busy? Do you want to watch that new movie at the cinema? Go by yourself. Nothing wrong with that.

How to look/dress mysterious

1 Good posture

Aside from the multiple benefits that having good posture has to offer, it makes you look more confident. This helps with your mysterious persona because confident people can also be seen as mysterious and attractive.

2 Take showers and smell good

Be desirable and let people know you take care of yourself. Take daily showers, wash your hair when needed, keep up with proper hygiene, and use your signature scent to your advantage.

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3 Take care of your skin

People are attracted to those who take care of themselves. Just like smelling good, it's also important to look good. Start a really good skincare routine that works for you. Make people wonder what your skincare secret is.


4 Good hair

You don't have to get a hair blowout every week but it's great if you take good care of your hair and use hair products that are right for your hair.


5 Have a signature scent

Choose your favorite signature scent and wear it. The scent will make you memorable. 

6 Have a signature style

This is not necessary and you can wear whatever you want. Having a signature style, however, is a good way to look mysterious because you will be memorable and always look good and comfortable.

7 Wear Sunglasses

On sunny days, put on a pair of sunglasses that frame your face well. These accessories help add a hint of mystery to your outfit. Remember to wear them with confidence. 

How to be mysterious on social media

1 Don’t introduce yourself through a Facebook post

Allow people to meet you in real life and get to know you. Keep them intrigued, interested, and wondering.

2 Don’t post personal information online 

This includes information such as your birthdate, where you bank, or where you do your groceries. It is not just a way to be mysterious but also a safety measure to keep your privacy.

3 Don’t overshare too much on social media

Mysterious people can be on social media and post but they know not to overshare every little detail.

4 Don’t connect with everyone

Just like how you should keep your circle of friends in real life small, you should refrain from following and accepting every friendship request you get. 

5 Stop obsessing over celebrities

There's an unhealthy line between admiration and obsession. When you obsess over celebrities, you focus and give more energy to them than to yourself. 

6 You don't have to share your opinion on everything online

If you've heard the latest gossip or controversy, you don't have to create a post or video stating your opinion about each one you've heard. Again, if you are not a part of the situation or discussion, there is no need to force yourself into it.

Have opinions on important issues in politics, business, or other current events. Do not waste your time or energy on useless gossip.

Final Thoughts

Being a mysterious and attractive person may be your goal in life or it may be something you just want to try and experience. 

To be a mysterious person, it is still important to be yourself and not to pretend you are somebody you are not. You can change a few habits here and there but always embrace and remember who you truly are.

xx Bella

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